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Steve Pinner Music

Tell me all about you...

            Wanna know everything...

Tell me all about you...
         Wanna know everything...
Count the Waves - Steve Pinner
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C'mon Babe...
Picture of toes through th water in the sand, theme for album.Says "We'll run our toes through te sand".

We'll run our toes

     through the sand...

Steve Pinner


Steve Pinner Music 


Upcoming gigs.....

Playing originals off my album "Count the Waves" and a mix of covers at the below venues over the next couple of weeks 

  •  Sunday 5th August at Elleker Tavern 12.30 to 2.30 

  • Sunday 17th June at the Vancouver Cafe  from 11am till 1pm...come on down for a coffee and say hi :)

  • Sunday 24th at the Albany Boatshed Markets from 11.30am till 1pm 

Steve Pinner Music 


"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  My sister and  neighbour after a few wines...

"Impressive Crazy"
Albany Police

Soooo....I took up guitar in 2014...something I always wanted to do.  I haven't put it down since. Soon after, I started writing songs and couldn't stop that either, a lifetime of experiences, feelings and expressions bursting out into music. After playing to friends and family and getting better at it (perhaps ?), I struck up a relationship with the talented producer Michael Crannage at Stick Music. It was a steep learning curve for me and fun as! I appreciate Mick's mentoring and encouragement along the journey.


After some prompting (pushing?) from my community, I recorded and entered a song to a site or two and was invited to play in the big smoke.  The song was number one nationally on Reverbnation for quite some time.  So here I am after recording my first album, bursting at the seems with more music and still learning.  I am very new to all this and I think the best of my music is yet to be written, so I hope you enjoy what I have here in anticipation of more to come. 



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